Planet Grep

Planet'ing Belgian FLOSS people

Planet Grep is maintained by Wouter Verhelst. All times are in UTC.

About Planet Grep

Planet Grep is the Belgian Free/Libre and Open-source planet. A 'planet' is a website that aggregates blogs into a 'stream of news' type of site. There are many such planets that aggregate many different blog collections; an overview is given at Planet Index.

To add a blog feed, we currently follow the following set of guidelines:

  • A planet is a website to promote a community, rather than a technology or some such. Therefore, it should be clear that Planet Grep is a website about people involved in Free/Libre and Open-source software, rather than Free/Libre and Open-source software itself. As a result, Planet Grep is open to people who 'work with or participate to Free/Libre and Open-source software', which is not necessarily the same thing as 'people who write about Free/Libre and Open-source software' (although it may be).
  • Also welcome are RSS feeds for FLOSS community events, like FOSDEM or LOADays. We define "FLOSS community event" as any event that has FLOSS as its main topic and is not commercial in nature.
  • Planet Grep is not a 'tomorrow's newspaper headers' item on the late night radio news; rather, it should be a fully-functional webpage with good content that can be read independently. Therefore, Planet Grep prefers not to run blog feeds that contain only so-called 'teasers'. That's not to say you can't have an occasional teaser on your blog and still be on Planet Grep; but the default should be to have no teasers, rather than the other way around.

If you want to add your blog to Planet Grep send a pull request to the repository. If you can't figure it out, send an email to Wouter Verhelst.

Planet Grep is maintained by Wouter Verhelst.